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Dental Implants

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Affordable Plans at Barrow

At barrow dental aesthetics, we are all about giving our patients the best experience and best treatment. We always have your best interest at heart.


NHS Band 1


NHS Band 2


NHS Band 3


Barrow Payment Plans

Barrow Band 1

Examination, and 2 x Small X-rays

Barrow Band 2

Band 1 + 1 x Filling or 1 x Extraction

Barrow Band 3

Band 2 + 1 x Crown or 1 x Denture (1 jaw)

We genuinely care about how you feel when you visit us, not just physically, but emotionally and financially too.

We value the individual relationship we have with each and every patient. This means being open and honest, and always giving you plenty of time at each appointment, so you never feel rushed. In this way, we can be sure you feel completely satisfied and supported during each visit.


Our clinic is conveniently situated on the 4 Hartington St, Barrow-In-Furness La14 5sl providing complimentary on-site parking for the convenience of our patients.


Every member of our team is wholeheartedly dedicated to prioritizing your comfort, surpassing the scope of your dental health requirements.


We offer 0% financing options for all treatments, and the application process takes a mere two minutes, with an instant response.


Our dental team actively fosters meaningful connections and authentic relationships with each patient.


We are here to help ease you. We have relaxing, non-clinical areas where you can chat about your fears.

Very welcoming staff with a brilliant standard of care. During appointments they are very informative about how to improve my dental care.

Regan J

Dental implants: Frequently asked questions

What is Barrow Dental Plan?

Barrow Dental Plans are comprehensive dental care packages designed to provide individuals and families with affordable access to a range of dental treatments and services.

How do Barrow Dental Plans work?

Barrow Dental Plans work on a subscription basis. By signing up for a plan, you gain access to a variety of dental treatments at discounted prices. You pay a monthly or annual fee, depending on the plan you choose, and enjoy the benefits throughout the subscription period.

What types of Barrow Dental Plans are available?

Barrow Dental Plans offer different tiers to accommodate various dental care needs. The plans include options for adults, children, and families, with varying levels of coverage and discounts.

What services are covered by Barrow Dental Plans?

Barrow Dental Plans cover a wide range of dental treatments, including routine check-ups, preventive care, hygiene services, restorative treatments, cosmetic procedures, and emergency dental care. The specific treatments covered may vary depending on the chosen plan.

Are there any waiting periods for coverage with Barrow Dental Plans?

No, there are no waiting periods for coverage with Barrow Dental Plans. Once you enroll in a plan, you can start benefiting from the discounted services immediately.

How do I sign up for a Barrow Dental Plan?

To sign up for a Barrow Dental Plan, visit our website. You can select the plan that suits your needs and follow the instructions to enroll online. Alternatively, you can contact our dental practice directly for assistance with the enrollment process.

Can I use my Barrow Dental Plan at any dental practice?

No, Barrow Dental Plans are specific to Barrow Dental Aesthetics. You can utilize the benefits of your plan at our practice only, as it is tailored to our range of services and pricing structure.

Can I cancel my Barrow Dental Plan?

Yes, you can cancel your Barrow Dental Plan. However, please review the cancellation policy outlined in the terms and conditions of your plan for details on any applicable fees or requirements.

Are Barrow Dental Plans suitable for patients with pre-existing dental conditions?

Yes, Barrow Dental Plans can be suitable for patients with pre-existing dental conditions. However, please note that pre-existing conditions may have specific coverage limitations or exclusions. We recommend reviewing the plan details or consulting with our dental team for more information.

Can I combine my Barrow Dental Plan with other dental insurance?

Barrow Dental Plans are designed as standalone dental care packages and cannot be combined with other dental insurance. However, you can discuss your specific circumstances with our team to determine the best approach for maximizing your dental benefits.

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