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Nhs Emergency Dentist Barrow in Furness

Emergency Dental Treatment at Barrow Dental Aesthetics And Implant Clinic

At Barrow Dental Aesthetics And Implant Clinic we offer comprehensive Emergency dental care Barrow including Emergency Services After Hours. Our expert team provides immediate treatment for toothaches, broken teeth, and other urgent dental issues. With gentle care and advanced techniques, we make sure your dental emergency is handled safely.

Emergency Dental Treatment
Emergency Dental Treatment at Barrow Dental Aesthetics And Implant Clinic

A dental emergency is when one needs unscheduled dental care. There are classifications of dental emergencies according to the NHS based on the condition of the patient. for example, urgent emergencies are when a patient presents him/herself with the following:

Non-urgent dental emergencies are when patients are in discomfort but not pain and often include the following:

  • Emergency Dental Care When You Need It

    Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Don’t worry! Our expert team at Barrow Dental Aesthetics And Implant Clinic, an NHS and Private dentist in Barrow, is here to provide immediate relief. Whether it’s a sudden toothache, a broken tooth, tooth loss, etc., contact us immediately to schedule an appointment and receive the professional attention you need for your dental emergency today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In an emergency, call us to consult our Barrow in Furness emergency dentist. Describe the problem to get instant advice and schedule an appointment

    Uncontrollable dental trauma, dental haemorrhage, excessive swelling, or pain counts as a dental emergency.

    Yes, you can consult our NHS emergency dentist in Barrow in Furness. Just call to schedule an appointment.

    Contact our barrow emergency dentist immediately if you feel your toothache is getting worse. Until your scheduled appointment, in the meantime, take painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol within the prescribed dosage to control the pain.

    A swelling in the gums is usually an indication of infection. Swelling makes the affected area tender and sensitive to touch. It can be a minor tissue infection or a large abscess that needs draining. You must call our emergency dentist in Barrow to book an appointment immediately and get advice to manage the condition until your visit. A thorough examination will be necessary for treatment.

    Our Barrow emergency dentist can help! Keep the fallen crown safe and call us to book an appointment with our emergency dentist in Barrow in Furness; we also offer same-day emergency appointments. If the tooth underneath has any damage, you may need a new crown.