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Crowns & Bridges Dentist in Barrow in Furness


Best Crown and Bridges Dentist in Barrow-in-Furness

Barrow dental Aesthetics is where you can consult with the best and most experienced crown and bridges dentist in Barrow-in-Furness. We offer crowns and bridges as a cosmetic treatment that helps fill gaps in the teeth. This dental treatment helps improve your smile by covering up damaged or chipped parts. In addition, bridges and crowns prevent the surrounding gums drift away. However, you may not need both treatments at the same time and so, you need to know which of the two will be the ideal treatment. For this, you need to book a consultation with our crown dentist in Barrow.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is made of porcelain and permanently cemented onto the natural tooth to restore its function and appearance. It covers the entire tooth and is used when there is decay or damage to the existing tooth. You should book an appointment and visit our crown dentist in Barrow if you experience any of the following problems:

  • A large portion of the tooth is missing or damaged
  • The tooth is in danger of breaking or fracturing
  • A cusp of the tooth is missing

What is a Dental Bridge?

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, then our crown and bridges dentist in Barrow-in-Furness may recommend getting a dental bridge. A dental bridge is made of three or more dental crowns connected. The dentist will first place a crown on the gap. Dental bridges are then placed over the two teeth on each side of the gap. This helps create a full and perfect smile. Dental bridges work excellently and prevent problems like shifting teeth.

Consult a Crown and Bridges Dentist in Barrow-in-Furness

To know which of these restorative treatments is ideal for you, visit Barrow Dental Aesthetics. Our dentist will examine your gums and teeth and then provide a personalized treatment plan that is best for your specific dental problems. Book now.